WTF is up with Apple and CNN?

So AAPL is an ordinary company that actually is doing things for technology and whatnot. But I notice that CNN is shitting on them every quarter and if the CEO says anything, they shit on him too. What gives CNN? I’ve been watching their site for a week before the new #s were released. CNN had articles about “The iPhoneX is a failure,” what will Apple do when nobody buys their phones?

As usual, Apple made more money than last quarter. Silently mocking them – but weirdly, people are listening to the analysts instead of looking at the stock performance. WTF people?

As a stockholder, this stock has always been hard to own as everytime they kill the numbers, there is some blowhard analyst that says they didn’t meet what said analyst said they’d meet.

I am so tired with yall wallstreet dudes. You are so evil.

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