RIP My Penny

This was a hard one. Penny had a form of lymphoma but with treatment lived 20 good months. I miss you everyday Penny.

WTF is up with Apple and CNN?

So AAPL is an ordinary company that actually is doing things for technology and whatnot. But I notice that CNN is shitting on them every quarter and if the CEO says anything, they shit on him too. What gives CNN? I’ve been watching their site for a week before the new #s were released. CNN had articles about “The iPhoneX is a failure,” what will Apple do when nobody buys their phones?

As usual, Apple made more money than last quarter. Silently mocking them – but weirdly, people are listening to the analysts instead of looking at the stock performance. WTF people?

As a stockholder, this stock has always been hard to own as everytime they kill the numbers, there is some blowhard analyst that says they didn’t meet what said analyst said they’d meet.

I am so tired with yall wallstreet dudes. You are so evil.

Hey Look I’m Creating Ketones!

I love sugar. I love sugar and bread and alcohol and just about any other carbohydrate on the planet. Over the past year, life has been a bit shaky and my stress levels have been through the roof so I really was not concerned with eating a balanced or healthy diet at all. As a result of this, I found myself about 12 pounds overweight.

A friend of mine has had success using a ketogenic diet to maintain a healthy weight so I figured I’d give it a shot as well. Other people have explained ketogenic way of life better than me, so check out this for more information on how it works.

I started on Feb 9th and am now on day 7. In the first 3 days I lost 4.5 lbs, which I assume was all water weight. After that I gained 1 lb and now am at a net loss in one week of 4 lbs.

Using test strips I know that I entered ketosis on day 3 and haven’t left that state yet.

Ima keep going.

RIP Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds

Sadly Princess Leia and her mom died on December 27th and 28th. This year needs to go away fast. If it weren’t for the Cubs, it would have all completely sucked.


RIP Leonard Cohen

All the good people are leaving.


RIP Prince Rogers Nelson

The year the music died.


RIP Merle Haggard

Died on his 79th birthday, today. This year…


Windblown Remy


Should Obama Nominate Supreme Court Justice?



Minutes after Antonin Scalia, the longstanding conservative stalwart of the supreme nine, died in his sleep on the eve of St. Valentine’s, the Republican masses came out reliably en force claiming Obama should not nominate a Supreme Court judge. Not that I’m surprised that they actively suggest that the President of the United States not do his job – these are the folks who will shut down the government when things don’t go their way. By suggesting that this upcoming election (9 months away) is more important than the last election, they seem to be suggesting that the President should just step down and say, “fuck it,” when it comes to honoring the Constitution and performing the duties that the Commander in Chief.

I’m pretty sure that any President of either party would go ahead and nominate whomever they see fit. It’s hypocritical to think a Republican President in the same situation would simply sit back and do nothing. It’s a ludicrous concept IMO but I’m not surprised this group of conservative ninnies would try to convince the American people that it’s the right thing to do. The right thing to do is to function as business as usual. That means these bozos actually do have to go to work and do their job. When I don’t agree with the way things are going at work I don’t get the choice to just do nothing and retain my position. What gives these chuckleheads that option? Oh yeah, that’s right – us idiots that vote them into office.

What they are contemplating doing would create the longest vacancy on the Court since the Civil War-…

If we go down that road with each party just automatically blocking the nominees of the other party in the hope that they’ll take the whitehouse next, then our Constitutional system of government will not function.

The Thurmond Rule isn’t really a rule at all, and don’t forget that it even wasn’t about nominating a judge, it was about promoting a judge to the chief justice position.

RIP David Bowie


Casting for Young Han Solo

redsolocupNot sure why I’m so invested in this…
The Hollywood Reporter says about 2,500 male actors between the ages of 18-32 have either auditioned in person or put themselves on tape for the chance to play Solo in the 2018 Star Wars Story, directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller. It’s being heralded as “the widest casting search ever.”

“If you happen to be an actor who think they can play Solo, tell your agent to go out for “Red Cup,” which is the film’s secret title.”

Read the whole thing

New Han Solo Movie – Not Sure How I Feel About This

Hmmm. So they’re making a prequel to tell Han’s story eh? This could be fucking fantastic or could really suck completely. The good news is that it’s to be written by Lawrence Kasdan and his son, Jon. Now, Lawrence wrote “The Empire Strikes Back,” undisputedly the best of the Star Wars movies, so there is a great deal of talent and hope here.

Chris Pratt, the dude in “Guardians of the Galaxy,” of course, is the fan favorite to portray Han. I could see it.

Han Solo solo project will hit theaters in 2018.

Han Solo Shoots Self


Read story @ CNN

RIP Star Baby

Star baby

Too sad right now.

Hidden Couch Kitty

I can’t stop watching this!

kitty will get you

Possibly the Best Colbert Music Video When MTV Disallows Daft Punk

The Colbert Report
Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Video Archive

Porn Sex vs Real Sex

RIP Dixie

02.10.2000 – 03.04.2013

She will be missed.

Anybody Want a Free Crappy Couch?

Sad Sad Sofa

Thanks to everyone that came to our house and didn’t mention this horrible thing.

So, we bought this awesome couch in 2009. It came with a sofa bed and we were really excited about it.  We picked out our fabric and about 6 weeks later, it was delivered – we were so happy.

Flash forward almost four years and the thing is haggard – I mean more Haggard than Merle. It seems like the fabric is just disintegrating before our eyes. It’s been slowly doing this over the years but we never thought it would get this bad. We contacted the place we bought it – At Home Furnishings in Homewood, AL, and they didn’t think they could do anything for us at all.

Then we sent an email to the furniture company themselves, Rowe Furniture, and while the man was very nice who responded to my emails, and admitted that this fabric had a defect, he doesn’t think that there is anything the company can do for us because they only have a 1 year warranty on their fabric. Gaahh! So anyway, we’re patiently waiting to see if the company will stand behind their product, but again, the nice guy I emailed with mostly gave me the impression we tossed $4500 down the crapper.

There is nothing I hate more than spending money on stuff only to buy the same thing again over and over. Because where I come from, a $4500 sofa should last longer than 4 years. @DanClingan thinks so too.

So anyway, we’re in the market for another sofa – we’ve been looking at a bunch of places and are finding that the warranty for fabric is about 5 years on couches at the stores we’ve been looking at (much better than At Home Furnishings or Rove Furniture).  Anyone have any suggestions? If you have the awesome ability to reupholster this thing, I want to talk to you too!

Crazy Pygmy Goat!

Binders Full of Women

Binders Full of Women

Please visit for more hilarious binders full of women imagery!