Wii: Not Just For Vampires

Vampire Bill Wii

Fact: I get addicted to video games.

Fact: I am bored with excercise.

So, I had this bright idea to get a Wii system and hopefully get addicted to the more active games that it offers. I asked around to see if the Wii Fit was any good and the consensus was that it will probably do what I need it to do. So, the decision was made to purchase the Wii console & Wii Fit. Dan did the procuring, and one day later we were in business. We hooked it up to the TV in the living room.

The Fit was on order from Amazon, but the sports package and Sports Resort came with the Wii. I popped in the Resort, made my Mii and was on my way to fun in Wiiland. Long story short, after playing around with all the sports in the Resort, my favorite turned out to be the sword fighting.

The only problem was the dogs wanted to be near me when I was playing – this wasn’t going to work. So, one 50″ TV later, I’m sword fighting and doing the Fit in the basement. I have to say that this so far has been so much fun – and if it gets me off my WoW-playing arse, that’s a good thing. Thanks to Dan for procuring all the items, cleaning out the basement and painting the wall!

Sorry Vampire Bill, golf just isn’t cutting it though.

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