Should Obama Nominate Supreme Court Justice?



Minutes after Antonin Scalia, the longstanding conservative stalwart of the supreme nine, died in his sleep on the eve of St. Valentine’s, the Republican masses came out reliably en force claiming Obama should not nominate a Supreme Court judge. Not that I’m surprised that they actively suggest that the President of the United States not do his job – these are the folks who will shut down the government when things don’t go their way. By suggesting that this upcoming election (9 months away) is more important than the last election, they seem to be suggesting that the President should just step down and say, “fuck it,” when it comes to honoring the Constitution and performing the duties that the Commander in Chief.

I’m pretty sure that any President of either party would go ahead and nominate whomever they see fit. It’s hypocritical to think a Republican President in the same situation would simply sit back and do nothing. It’s a ludicrous concept IMO but I’m not surprised this group of conservative ninnies would try to convince the American people that it’s the right thing to do. The right thing to do is to function as business as usual. That means these bozos actually do have to go to work and do their job. When I don’t agree with the way things are going at work I don’t get the choice to just do nothing and retain my position. What gives these chuckleheads that option? Oh yeah, that’s right – us idiots that vote them into office.

What they are contemplating doing would create the longest vacancy on the Court since the Civil War-…

If we go down that road with each party just automatically blocking the nominees of the other party in the hope that they’ll take the whitehouse next, then our Constitutional system of government will not function.

The Thurmond Rule isn’t really a rule at all, and don’t forget that it even wasn’t about nominating a judge, it was about promoting a judge to the chief justice position.

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