Hey Look I’m Creating Ketones!

I love sugar. I love sugar and bread and alcohol and just about any other carbohydrate on the planet. Over the past year, life has been a bit shaky and my stress levels have been through the roof so I really was not concerned with eating a balanced or healthy diet at all. As a result of this, I found myself about 12 pounds overweight.

A friend of mine has had success using a ketogenic diet to maintain a healthy weight so I figured I’d give it a shot as well. Other people have explained ketogenic way of life better than me, so check out this for more information on how it works.

I started on Feb 9th and am now on day 7. In the first 3 days I lost 4.5 lbs, which I assume was all water weight. After that I gained 1 lb and now am at a net loss in one week of 4 lbs.

Using test strips I know that I entered ketosis on day 3 and haven’t left that state yet.

Ima keep going.

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