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Anybody Want a Free Crappy Couch?

Sad Sad Sofa

So, we bought this awesome couch in 2009. It came with a sofa bed and we were really excited about it. ¬†We picked out our fabric and about 6 weeks later, it was delivered – we were so happy. Flash forward almost four years and the thing is haggard – I mean more Haggard than …

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Alabama Snow

Friday nite jams

Fun on Friday; thanks to Glen for the Leonard Cohen tabs.

Uncle Don & Aunt Val visit B’ham

Don & Val came down from IN to spend some time with Janie. A grand time was had by all.

Alabama: Frozen Tundra

Ya know, when I moved to Alabama I did not believe that there would be any chance of having frozen tundra. Sadly, I was wrong. We woke up the past few days to temperatures in the teens. Real hard to keep it above freezing in the greenhouse. Hope the satsumas don’t take a hit. Oh, …

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