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A Cautionary Tale

Not only is it terrifyingly cold and snowy in Chicago, it’s also darn right dangerous to walk the streets. You never know what could happen… to your head!

AT-AT Not a Machine at all…

The truth behind the AT-AT has been revealed at last, in this diagram showing us the turbo-skeleton of the creature driving those AT-ATs. Yes, you thought they were giant robots – but they are actually giant monsters! Love this!

Avatar: Awesome Awesomeness

That is all. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

The Real Cause of Swine Flu

Talking Jesus: That Perfect Holiday Gift

Imagine if you will, waking early on Christmas morning, running to the tree and ripping open your presents and finding… a Talking Jesus! There are no words to express the amount of happiness this little guy will bring to boys and girls everywhere!

Make Yer Own Darned Zhu Zhu

I wasn’t quite sure what a Zhu Zhu really was, but now I know that I can make one myself! What You Will Need a cheap remote control car some craft fur googly eyes hot glue probably a beer Here’s a handy video tutorial: source

Making sweaters with your dog

I admit that I have thought about doing this before. Not that I know how to knit or anything, but I’m pretty sure I could learn. <A HREF=”” mce_HREF=””> Widgets</A>