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Here’s to 2021; Let’s be Real, it Gonna Suck too?

To be honest, 2020 was not the worst year at all. It did see most of our appliances die due to AL Power problem (they blamed it on a squirrel – yeah, sure guys) and our beach house getting a little wet due to hurricane Sally. But that’s all fine. HNY.

WTF is up with Apple and CNN?

So AAPL is an ordinary company that actually is doing things for technology and whatnot. But I notice that CNN is shitting on them every quarter and if the CEO says anything, they shit on him too. What gives CNN? I’ve been watching their site for a week before the new #s were released. CNN …

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RIP Dixie

02.10.2000 – 03.04.2013 She will be missed.

Crazy Pygmy Goat!

Test Post

This is only the test post.