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Hey Look I’m Creating Ketones!

I love sugar. I love sugar and bread and alcohol and just about any other carbohydrate on the planet. Over the past year, life has been a bit shaky and my stress levels have been through the roof so I … Continue reading

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Porn Sex vs Real Sex

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Hilah’s Chick-fil-Gay Sandwich

So I just stumbled upon a fabulous woman who found a way to make the awesome Chick-fil-A sandwiches in her very own little kitchen. It’s Hilah! And she’s awesome. But why would anyone want to cook these delicious sandwiches at … Continue reading

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What To Do With Too Many Tomatoes: Roasted Garlic And Tomato Pizza

As a result of planting over 30 tomato plants this spring, even after giving a bunch away, we’ve got boatloads of ripe tomatoes. I’ve already made buckets of tomato sauce and sun dried tomatoes, so lately I’ve been making an … Continue reading

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