Feb 152018

I love sugar. I love sugar and bread and alcohol and just about any other carbohydrate on the planet. Over the past year, life has been a bit shaky and my stress levels have been through the roof so I really was not concerned with eating a balanced or healthy diet at all. As a result of this, I found myself about 12 pounds overweight.

A friend of mine has had success using a ketogenic diet to maintain a healthy weight so I figured I’d give it a shot as well. Other people have explained ketogenic way of life better than me, so check out this for more information on how it works.

I started on Feb 9th and am now on day 7. In the first 3 days I lost 4.5 lbs, which I assume was all water weight. After that I gained 1 lb and now am at a net loss in one week of 4 lbs.

Using test strips I know that I entered ketosis on day 3 and haven’t left that state yet.

Ima keep going.

Jul 192012
Hilah's Chick-Fil-A

Delicious… and human friendly!

So I just stumbled upon a fabulous woman who found a way to make the awesome Chick-fil-A sandwiches in her very own little kitchen. It’s Hilah! And she’s awesome. But why would anyone want to cook these delicious sandwiches at home you say? It’s because of Chick-fil-A’s anti-human agenda. To call attention to this, the internets are joining together and posting Hilah’s sandwich recipe everyflippingwhere!

Go learn how to make them on her site.

Update: I just watched Hilah make this sandwich on her channel on Roku. Just another reason to love Roku.

Jul 132012

Persimmon TomatoAs a result of planting over 30 tomato plants this spring, even after giving a bunch away, we’ve got boatloads of ripe tomatoes. I’ve already made buckets of tomato sauce and sun dried tomatoes, so lately I’ve been making an easy tomato pizza.

One of my favorite tomatoes of late is the Persimmon. It’s orange as you’d expect and super juicy and sweet. So, here’s what to do. Cut it up, set it aside. Put some peeled garlic in a covered baking dish and roast it in olive oil for about 20 minutes or until it’s all smooshy when poked with a knife. I like a lot of garlic, so I roasted about 5 cloves. Put some hot peppers in there too if you like a little heat. Spread that goodness on a piece of naan. If it’s garlic naan, good for you, you’re a garlic-head, just like me.

At this point, dump your cut up tomato on top of the garlic covered naan and spread it around evenly. Add some basil leaves and some cheese. I used marinated mozzarella from Costco (I think the brand is Formaggio). Bake it for about 8 minutes at 400 degrees fahrenheit or until the cheese just starts to get a bit brown – that will ensure that the naan is crispy enough.

And there you have it. A super yummy way to get rid of a tomato (or more… depending).

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