May 312012


The little dog that Dan picked up near starved (dead) is doing very well! She’s learned the doggie door and most of her hair has grown back. Although her name is officially Juna, her nickname is Punkinhed 😉


The pictures below are from January. Poor thing has come a very long way. I didn’t want to post these until we knew she was going to make it.

Jan 242012

Dan found this dog literally starving to death in the middle of a street in our neighborhood and couldn’t leave her there. She’s been at the vet since January 18th but will probably come home to our house this week sometime. She had most of her tail amputated today – (it was cut off, infected, and a bone was sticking out). She was full of parasites and has some kidney issues as a result.

We named her Juna and hopefully her last years will be spent in comfort.

Dec 142009

letitsnowSeveral years ago Sekin & Rae had a snowman and a Santa Claus that had sound chips in them. The Santa, when squished, said, “Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas,” and the snowman said, “Let it snow let it snow let *it* snow!” Anyway, Star killed the toys when she came and we were all very sad. But good news! I have been able to find both of them – made by Multipet. We already have the snowman (made an iphone ringtone too!) and the Santa is on it’s way from an ebay seller.

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