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Wii: Not Just For Vampires

Fact: I get addicted to video games. Fact: I am bored with excercise. So, I had this bright idea to get a Wii system and hopefully get addicted to the more active games that it offers. I asked around to see if the Wii Fit was any good and the consensus was that it will …

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January 1, 1993 – October 23, 2002

RIP Sekin

November 19, 1990 – October 19, 2006

Silly Old Spice Commercial

Norwegian Boy saves Sister from Moose Attack using World of Warcraft Skills

See? So nobody tell me I’m wasting my time on WoW, dig? I’m learning valuable life skills…. Hans Jørgen Olsen, a 12-year-old Norwegian boy, saved himself and his sister from a moose attack using skills he picked up playing the online role playing game World of Warcraft. Hans and his sister got into trouble after …

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Sadly neglecting this site. Here, have a goofy picture.

Dan @Nola Jazzfest 2010

Waiting for Big Sam’s Funky Nation

iPad has Shipped!

Looks like the iPad might make it to our house on or before the release date of 0403! Oh and hey, that’s a grand thing as it’s Dan’s birthday! I guess the early adopters will get their new toy on schedule.

Work when you feel like it –> become more productive

Hey Corporate America. Read or Listen to this segment on NPR. It’s all about how if you trust your employees to run their own lives that they’ll become more productive – FOR YOU. Really. A public agency in Minnesota is engaged in a cutting-edge experiment with flexible work schedules. It’s called a results-only work environment, …

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Smoking buddies

Heh, Granny & Jane Hathaway smoke Winston cigarettes.

City view from Windsor Court, NOLA

We’re just sitting at the club level waiting for food/beverage.

The ladies @ Cafe Du Monde

Donna, Kimi , B & Lisa

Here’s why you shouldn’t buy cypress mulch.

Though gulf coast wetlands face serious threats from coastal land loss and development, widespread clear cutting of cypress forests is also a very imminent danger. In the past cypress mulch used to be a by-product of lumber mills. This is no longer true. The mulch purchased today comes from wide spread clear cutting of entire …

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Alabama Snow

“Whatever just happened is the only thing that is happening.”

Stephen Colbert explains that global warming is hooey; see all this snow? The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c We’re Off to See the Blizzard Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor Skate Expectations

Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks” and more brought to life

The Hopper Project WNEP Theater brings to life a mosaic of characters inspired by the paintings of American realist artist Edward Hopper.  Presented in a series of vignettes and short moments written by WNEP company members, a cast of seventeen actors follow Hopper’s New York from dawn to dark and thrust the audience into the …

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True Blood Southern Comfort

Southern Comfort is now a sponsor for True Blood. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have  collector’s edition bottles? Just sayin’.

Friday nite jams

Fun on Friday; thanks to Glen for the Leonard Cohen tabs.

Mel Gibson calls WGN reporter an asshole then lies about it

Hah! This is great. WGN reporter Dean Richards interviewed Mel Gibson and after it was over Mel called him an asshole – on tape. To make matters worse, Mr. Gibson now says that his publicist was making faces at him off camera and he was actually referring to him, and not to the reporter. Big. …

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Naked Ladies and Boring Products

Mark Barret over at Ditchwalk penned an astute article on advertising. What he reveals in it is something so obvious that I’m thinking it gets overlooked. Anyway, I found it interesting even though I really do like the western bacon cheeseburger over at Carl’s Jr. You’re watching TV. A commercial comes on for a product …

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