Anybody Want a Free Crappy Couch?

Sad Sad Sofa

Thanks to everyone that came to our house and didn’t mention this horrible thing.

So, we bought this awesome couch in 2009. It came with a sofa bed and we were really excited about it.  We picked out our fabric and about 6 weeks later, it was delivered – we were so happy.

Flash forward almost four years and the thing is haggard – I mean more Haggard than Merle. It seems like the fabric is just disintegrating before our eyes. It’s been slowly doing this over the years but we never thought it would get this bad. We contacted the place we bought it – At Home Furnishings in Homewood, AL, and they didn’t think they could do anything for us at all.

Then we sent an email to the furniture company themselves, Rowe Furniture, and while the man was very nice who responded to my emails, and admitted that this fabric had a defect, he doesn’t think that there is anything the company can do for us because they only have a 1 year warranty on their fabric. Gaahh! So anyway, we’re patiently waiting to see if the company will stand behind their product, but again, the nice guy I emailed with mostly gave me the impression we tossed $4500 down the crapper.

There is nothing I hate more than spending money on stuff only to buy the same thing again over and over. Because where I come from, a $4500 sofa should last longer than 4 years. @DanClingan thinks so too.

So anyway, we’re in the market for another sofa – we’ve been looking at a bunch of places and are finding that the warranty for fabric is about 5 years on couches at the stores we’ve been looking at (much better than At Home Furnishings or Rove Furniture).  Anyone have any suggestions? If you have the awesome ability to reupholster this thing, I want to talk to you too!

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